The Best City For Public Parks, and 1,000 People With Nowhere To Sleep

  • No moving anyone without their consent, and only relocating if you are providing/resourcing a better option
  • Large tents so all the food and supplies don’t get wet and so folks can dry their stuff off
  • A shower for the east side of Powderhorn Park (the shower on West was provided by a Jewish disaster relief organization)
  • Electrical connection so volunteers do not have to run generators
  • Drinking water stations that balance COVID-19 safety with the need for potable drinking water
  • Willingness to fund a trusted and accepted partner to operationalize centralized Sanctuary coordination
  • Scaling up paying for and activating hotel rooms to house people
  • Funding the purchase of hotels to use as housing (specifically the former Sheraton, to be operated by a culturally relevant organization)
  • All park, city, country, and state property and funds to be prioritized for housing people experiencing homelessness




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Yusra Murad

Yusra Murad

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